Score Tae The Toor / RS003B2

NO LONGER AVAILABLE / The original Score Tae The Toor was a book and CD publication inspired by the Concrete Antenna sound installation at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop created by Simon Kirby, Tommy Perman and Rob St John which ran from March 2015 until June 2016. Our original collaboration with the Simon, Tommy and Rob - the Concrete Antenna vinyl/print package is available to purchase online.

For Score Tae The Toor the trio gave a set of musicians access to their sound archive, tower instruments and compositions, and asked them to re-imagine the sited material created for the installation. Seven writers were asked to write pieces inspired by the tower and the installation, with pieces covering architecture, memory, archives, urban ecology and public art, written as essays, poetry and morse code.

Named after a phrase used by fishermen in the Firth of Forth using tall buildings on the Edinburgh skyline to orientate their sailing, the original limited edition publication printed using a variety of techniques including risography, lithography, letterpress and computer controlled pen and knife plotters. Each cover featured a unique numbered frame from an animation created by Tommy Perman.

Musicians: Joe HoweJonnie CommonKing CreosoteMark LykenOnTheFlyWOLF.

Writers: Fay YoungHanna TuulikkiJake BeeNicola MeighanRichard J WilliamsStacey HunterTom Western.

Format: A5 landscape perfect book (64 pages of text, 4 page cover) plus 8 track remix CD.

Edition size: 100 copies

Copies of this second edition of Score Tae The Toor were published during July 2017.