The Book of Pebbles / RS015

Written by Christopher Stocks / Illustrated by Angie Lewin


Why do we pick up pebbles on the beach? What is it we see in them, and why do we take them home to display on our shelves? Is it their inherent beauty, their infinite variation, or simply their associations with a happy time and place?

In our forthcoming book - part social history and part practical guide - writer and pebble collector Christopher Stocks unearths the sometimes surprising story of our love-affair with pebbles, and considers how the way we see them today has been influenced over the years by artists, authors and even archaeologists.

Printmaker Angie Lewin is widely admired for her alluringly stylish images of the natural world. She celebrates the experience of walking and sketching along the British coastline, often incorporating pebbles in her limited edition prints and paintings. Many of these will feature in the book alongside a series of new images. 

The Book of Pebbles will be published in February 2019.

Size: A5 portrait.
Pages: 116 text page, case bound in cloth with a full-colour dust jacket.
Illustrations: More than 40 examples of Angie Lewin’s limited edition prints, watercolours and sketchbook pages, many created especially for the publication.
Price: To be confirmed, but in the region of £15.00

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We’ll be publishing The Book of Pebbles in February 2019. It’s likely that this will be produced as a limited edition.

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