Blackwaterside / RS008

A photo film by Ian Cooper featuring images from his Survey East project with a soundtrack by Ultramarine which was screened on rotation at the Caught By The River Thames festival at Fulham Palace in London on 6th and 7th August 2016. 

The film focuses on a particular stretch of the Blackwater Estuary in Essex. The Blackwater runs from Maldon out to the North Sea and contains two islands: Northey (famous as the site of the 991 Battle of Maldon between the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings) and Osea (famous for its rehab clinic and recording studio). The estuary itself is known for its oysters and sea salt and is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest.

The film forms part of a future Random Spectacular project which will take the form of a 7” single by Ultramarine, packaged with Ian’s photos and artwork inspired by the Blackwater area by the Glasgow-based artist Bronwen Sleigh.

We'll share the film in its entirety in Spring 2017 when we'll also share details of the 7" single and print package. Sign up for our e-mail newsletter for updates.